Our Story

My name is Amy, I am married and have two wonderful little ones! My husband and I are born and raised Floridians, we are an active duty military family and have been traveling for the last TEN years. We have been to Fort Polk, LA! We have been to Fort Bragg, NC! We have been to Germany! We went back home to FL while my husband finished up his degree going enlisted to officer, where we soaked up all of those beautiful beaches!! And now we are stationed in El Paso, Texas at Fort Bliss with another 10 years to go!

Prior to CWD my business was named AKk Stitch where I was a top producer for accessories in the babywearing market! I loved it, it was absolutely my passion and babywearing was a huge part of my daily life itself! My son started preschool and I really wanted to go back into the workforce, I felt like it was important for my mental health, so I did! I stepped away from the market, and looking back it was God making what was meant to be, be.. the market changed, the big guys saw what we as the little guys were making, and small accessory businesses were essentially made extinct within the next year. I met some of my most precious friends that were other shop owners and I am just so thankful that I was a part of that community!

I have always been crafty, in fact, I left cake decorating straight into resin art! I find a lot of joy in food, eating it of course, but more so presentation is everything for me! For every event, whether I am hosting or not I always bring a charcuterie board of some sort; Chocolate Themed, Fruits, Cheeses & Crackers, Desserts, the list can go on and if you need some help dressing your boards we teach that on our Instagram! All that passion for food has turned into this whole new market for me and I am so excited about it!

I am a beach lover, so you can see that it was easy for me to be motivated into epoxy, which I honestly never heard of myself but I fell in LOVE!! Every summer as a child I spent most of my time at the beach, soaking up the scenery and vitamin D with my family! I am filled with everlasting memories that I will cherish forever, the feeling of remembering those times is what feeds my inspiration into my projects, so you're getting my full heart into each piece!

Thank you for checking out my shop and if you have any questions feel free to message me!


Frequently Asked Questions!

Shipping time frame?

  • Please allow for your order to be shipped within 1-2 weeks! Our charcuterie boards are 100% handmade and have several steps to go through to ensure a premium high quality finished product.

Returns & Exchanges

  • We do not offer returns as our pieces are all personalized and custom made. However, if we make a mistake in the personalization of course we will replace the item. As well as if the product arrives damaged.
Can I personalize my item?
  • Of course! Ensure your custom personalization is exactly as you want or reach out to us for guidance. We engrave exactly as you request!
  • Ex: The Smiths talks about the family as a whole where as The Smith's gives possession on the item.
Do you take custom orders?
  • We are always excited for the chance to take on a unique custom order! Just send us a message here or on any social media platform and we will work together to create your piece!
Are your products food safe?
  • All of our finished piece that contain epoxy are food contact safe. Do not cut on the epoxy as it may splinter small pieces which are not safe. Any cutting boards made will not contain epoxy on the cutting surface. Our wood oil finish is 100% food safe.