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Organic Bamboo Beach Resin Art Paddle Brush

Organic Bamboo Beach Resin Art Paddle Brush

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Listing is for only 1 hair brush, not a set!

Are you a beach lover or know a beach lover who needs everything beach? These are the perfect gift and a great way to appease the eye with the calming touch of the many layers of waves!

These hair brushes are made from bamboo and natural rubber, and not only are they a more sustainable option for the environment in terms of them being plastic free (even the cushioning bit) and vegan, they are a better option for healthier, shinier hair. Perfect for any style of hair curly, thick, thin, or damaged! Great things about using a bamboo hair brush; Anti-static, the natural bamboo will not have static electricity, so there is no need to worry about electric shock, they have a durable bamboo handle and bamboo pin bristles, eliminate frizz and introduce a healthy shine to your hair, detangle your hair with zero pain or effort, allows you to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles with every brush!

Dimensions: 9.50 X 3.50

This listing is for ONE Brush, you may purchase multiples!

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Each piece is unique, please read the description for the correct dimensions to that piece!

Care Instructions

Wipe off Food Particles. Wash quickly with hot soapy water. Dry immediately. Do not put in the dishwasher or submerge in water

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