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Reef Oil Hard Wax Oil for a Waterproof Finish

Reef Oil Hard Wax Oil for a Waterproof Finish

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Premium Wood Oil and Wax Finish 6oz

100% Natural. Food Safe. No Dangerous Chemicals.

Waterproof Protection.

Reef Oil is a premium drying oil and hard wax blend that is as versatile as it is durable. While most finishes have limitations on finish sanding, Reef Oil stands out by allowing you to sand your project to your hearts desire without sacrificing protection. Use on wood, epoxy, or other material to achieve a beautiful waterproof finish.

Why is it important to finish your projects with a drying oil? Drying Oils become thick and harden once exposed to air for periods of time. When applied to your projects, Reef oil penetrates and absorb deep into the wood fibers and pores in a liquid state, then hardens to a solid, effectively filling those voids where water resided before the wood was dried. This creates a waterproof barrier and a durable finish that can’t be matched by non-drying finishes. We then take this one step further and add a blend of natural waxes to our oil to enhance your project’s surface finish appearance, protect the base oil and wood layer, and provide an additional moisture barrier. Best of all, when Reef Oil is used for maintenance re-applications, it builds upon itself and becomes even more effective while requiring less maintenance.

Reef Oil contains NO MINERAL OIL. Mineral Oil is derived directly from petroleum, and currently is not known what the long-term side effects could be. It is widely used in many wood finishes found on the market due to its abundance and cheap price. However, it is a non-drying oil, meaning mineral oil will never dry in your project. It will eventually leech out through use and need constant reapplication - often with subpar finishing results. If it’s a byproduct of petroleum, it has no place in our food-safe finish!
We produce Reef Oil in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. All jars are infused with Argon gas – the same element used today to preserve the Declaration of Independence. This ensures that your oil arrives to you as fresh as it was the day it was created!

We didn’t create Reef Oil to be the cheapest on the market. It was made for those who are looking for a better finish that doesn’t make your project look like plastic. A finish you can take comfort in knowing is food safe – and not a questionable refined chemical byproduct. Something that is easy to apply without the need for a respirator or other PPE.
Enjoy the natural beauty of your wood or epoxy projects without the need to use harsh chemical finishes or solvents.

Allergen Information: Contains seed oil, refined coconut, citrus


MATERIALS RECOMMENDED: Reef Oil. White Non-woven Pad. Terry Cloth Towel.

1. PREPARATION: Your project may be sanded to any grit. The level of sanding will determine the finished sheen. Ensure your piece is clean after sanding and preparation.
320 or below grit : Matte finish
400-800 : Satin finish
1000 and above : Semi-Gloss Finish

a. Stir Reef Oil very well before every use. Due to Reef Oil being 100% natural, product may become firm between uses. Stir until Reef Oil has the consistency of thick honey.
b. An appropriately sized white non-woven applicator pad is recommended for application. Saturate the pad by wiping Reef Oil on to white pad. Once saturated, apply a small amount on top of pad to be used on project.
c. Begin applying Reef Oil to your project by applying medium to firm pressure and buffing in oil evenly. A little goes a long way. Your piece should have a light surface coat left after application. Do not let puddles or excessive oil form on your project, wipe them away promptly.
d. Allow your project to dry for 30-60minutes (time depends on climate conditions). Within this hour your piece will slowly absorb the Reef Oil.

a. The key to a beautiful finish is to ensure material is completely buffed until the remaining Reef Oil is removed from your project.
b. Take your terry cloth towel and fold it in half. This will allow for you to swap sides once one side becomes saturated with oil from buffing off. Multiple towels may be necessary. Do not continue to use a soiled towel as this will begin spreading the oil back on to the project, creating a poor finished product.
c. Buff off Reef Oil by hand by applying firm pressure and moving your towel back and forth along the grain. You will feel resistance at first, and then your piece will feel smooth and glide freely. Continue to buff, changing sides of your towel as they become dirty.
d. Once satisfied, check your piece. It should be dry to the touch and does not leave hazy streaks when running your fingers across the board.
e. It is recommended to then take a fresh terry towel and do a final buffing wipe.

a. Allow your project to dry for at least 24 hours before further coats. No sanding between coats is required, but may be done if desired for advanced users. Your project’s intended use will dictate how many coats are recommended to apply.
i. Food Contact: 2-3 Coats Recommended
ii. Furniture: 1-2 Coats Recommended
iii. All Others: 1-2 Coats Recommended
b. After final application of Reef Oil, allow a minimum of 72 hours before beginning light use.
c. Full waterproof capabilities are achieved after 2-3 weeks depending on climate conditions.
d. Re-apply Reef Oil if your project begins to appear dry or has excessive wear from use.

1. While hand application is recommended, advanced users may prefer to utilize power tools, such as sanders or similar with a white non-woven pad attached. Ensure tool is completely clean and free of debris, dust, or other contaminants. Use RPMs recommended by your tool’s manufacturer.
2. Users may also use an electric buffer to finish their piece only after hand buffing. It is highly recommended to hand buff your piece first until results are achieved as described above, and then utilize your electric buffer with a terry cloth bonnet or microfiber bonnet. This will ensure your buffer won’t pick up excess oil and spread it around, potentially causing a poor finish. Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for RPMs to ensure damage does not occur.

After waiting for at least 3-4 days before light use, product can be cleaned with dish soap. It is recommended to use the soft side of a sponge, unless abrasiveness is required for tough grime. Allow to air dry or dry with a clean cloth rag. Do not use chemical cleaners as this can damage the finish.

Store in cool, dry, dark location. Do not leave open for extended periods of time. We recommend the use of Argon gas if storing your Reef Oil for extended periods of time. Bloxygen makes an easy to use spray can for this!

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Each piece is unique, please read the description for the correct dimensions to that piece!

Care Instructions

Wipe off Food Particles. Wash quickly with hot soapy water. Dry immediately. Do not put in the dishwasher or submerge in water

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